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For a short period of time I'm looking for a select number of writers, producers and other theatermakers ready to redesign and reinvent 21st Century new play development.

Introducing the Experts Theater Company (ETC)

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Join Us!

What is the Experts Theater Company (ETC)?


I am an Off-Broadway producer, director and dramaturg specializing in the development of new plays and musicals. As a theatermaker myself, I believe that we must come together as a community in this time to help each other develop and produce new work.

Like my theatrical role models Ellen Stewart and Joe Papp, we too are creating art in an extraordinary time. I believe that our current situation is a unique period to innovate and experiment with what theater development can look like after the current crisis is over.

Zoom readings, livestreaming and online platforms are here to stay. Right now we have the opportunity to redesign and rethink how we develop 21st century plays and musicals.

I invite you to join us in forming the Experts Theater Company here in CreateTheater.

I'm looking for writers, directors, producers, and musical collaborators to join together to create a new kind of theater company.

Let's innovate something different for the new century. Want to be a part of it?

ETC Members Receive all of the Following:


Develop a strategy to confidently move your show forward step by step


Learn the skills to be your own producer and advocate for your show.


Take live classes and participate in webinars and workshops


Network and develop relationships with industry pros

Each Member will receive:

  • Live Webinars & Workshops

  • Studying the Musical Masters monthly class

  • The Craft of Playwriting monthly class

  • 2021 Monthly Producing Series Webinars

  • Monthly Office Hours
  • Small Writing Groups 

  • Weekly Developmental Readings

  • Monthly Networking Happy Hours with special guests

  • Special promotional opportunities and discounts for members only

  • BONUS 1: Songwriters Workshops

  • BONUS 2 Producing Groups moderated by Off-Broadway Producer Cate Cammarata

  • BONUS 3: Pitching Workshop

And more as we go along.

ETC members will also receive top preference to receive Monday Night Reading opportunities and other special promotional opportunities as they develop.

And there are no strings attached -  you are free to leave at any time.

Experts Theater Community Founding Member



  • Live Webinars & Workshops
  • Studying the Musical Masters
  • The Craft of Playwriting
  • 2021 Monthly Producing Series Webinars
  • Monthly Office Hour Coaching
  • Small Group Communities
  • Weekly Developmental Readings
  • Networking Happy Hours
  • BONUS 1 Songwriter Workshops
  • BONUS 2 Producing Groups
  • BONUS 3 Pitching Workshop
Let's Start Something Special!

This is our chance to  redesign new play and musical development.

Zoom readings, livestreaming and online platforms are here to stay.

Make sure you're part of this new kind of theater community to move your show forward NOW.

Are you ready to Expert Up?

I'm looking for a small group of committed theatermakers to take action now.

If you want to help redesign how we develop new work in the 21st century, join us.

Get started today. The time is now.

Yes, I'm ready to be an Expert!